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The brand explores personal memories in collections that confidently navigate
between familiar sartorial classics and experimental ideas. The result of these two
worlds colliding is luxurious, yet simple cuts adorned with dramatic utility and modular

Upon closer inspection, a story unfolds that shows a deeper meaning, told by beautiful intricacies in deceptively simple silhouettes.

It’s a story of discovery and humility that may offer you guidance—just like a talisman.

The vision behind Mai-Gidah is informed by the life experience of the founder, Ali Abdul-Rahim. Ali grew up in Accra, Ghana, where he fell in love with clothing in his sister’s sewing atelier. This eventually led him to study—and graduate from—the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. He further honed his craft, after which he founded the brand. Through reflection on his life’s path, and with the knowledge and techniques he acquired, Ali crafts garments with a sense of curiosity interwoven into every seam.

That sense of curiosity is the driving force behind Mai-Gidah


all copyright is owned by Mai Gidah unless otherwise stated.

Photography and video across the website has been created in collaboration with: Lyosha Kaharuk, Jesse Claus, Artur Gierwatowski, Ben Ivan, Wout Philippo, Brooks Modelling Agency, Editorial Model Management.

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