Spring Summer ‘23

Hasché (The Light)

This collection is built from garments that are made to emphasise the lightness and joy of dressing up. Hasché meaning “The Light” in Hausa and symbolises the motivation and courage to continue on a chosen path. The silhouettes and garments have a sacred feel meant to express a deeper belief in one’s own inner strength.

Details like exaggerated hanger-loops, sleeves and voluminous collars provoke a range of memories and possibilities. All these details, loops and extra fabric are placed just so that the clothes could work as a talisman. The fabrics and shapes are especially refined and there is an intangible extravagance in the volume of an adjustable collar, an extra wide balloon-trousers and the length of the sleeves. The fibres of the fabrics are a mix of cotton, silk and linen.

Colours are drawn from earthly tones with rich sand tones contrasted by a late summer verdant green and midnight navy.

The collection follows “Kamar Inuwa - Like a shadow” with the same intense but quiet resolve and can be seen as a continuation of the tale of Mai Gidah.