“BahBah” Spring / Summer ‘19

Mai Gidah’s objective has always been to make timeless clothes that can hold up their individuality and value through the seasons.Mai Gidah’s Spring Summer ‘20 collection continues to build on the tropes of it’s carefully constructed universe. In part it’s a story about Ali’s late father, and how he’s remembered. Bahbah depending on context means great, big or oldest.The Boubou, a traditional African garment, worn by both men and women is interpreted into jackets and coats. The volume of this stately garment is kept in voluminous back- panels and the signature rounded sleeves. An ochre cape in particular has remained true to the original Boubou shape. It can be worn as an extravagant cape or as a traditional garment, where the excess fabric is folded onto the shoulders. The waxy cotton-blend fabric lends itself perfectly for the draping and sculpting which inevitably comes with the sheer volume of fabric used to make the garment.An indigo blue long-sleeve top has a H.T. flock print featuring the image of canoe and a single sailor drifting along. Another print features an abstract, 8-bit video game-like setting with the same canoe and a horse and tribesman. It’s a subtle reference to the seminal film The burial of Kojo, a film by Blitz the Ambassador and the first Ghanaian film to be released on Netflix and recipient of various awards.The filmic theme is continued in the colours that have been carefully selected. The grey is reminiscent of a moody summer’s sky just before a heavy downpour. A coat is made to resemble the dark metallic shine of a he midnight sky with a glaringly full moon.The arrows featured through out the collection as embellishment on trousers, t-shirts and coats find origin in the kente-patterns and contrasting embroideries often used on the traditional boubou. They also symbolise what is integral to the human condition. Namely the urge to always move forward and points to follow a positive direction in life.Batik-dyed fabric is used for a jacket, trousers and t-shirt.Other colours and fabrics used have been selected for their durability and elegance. A sand-coloured denim with an acid wash are used for coats and jackets. Sand and Ochre shades feature prominently, combined with ubiquitous white t-shirts.