”Tafiya” (Journey) Autumn / Winter ‘21-22

The autumn and winter collection was created in deference to the rigid fashion schedule that asks designers to produce collections on a timely basis. Mai Gidah took the time needed for crafting a collection that reflects the inspiration and references. It can read more like an open question touching on all the subjects that played out on a global scale in the past 12 monthsThe collection is based on these experiences and feelings: society being squeezed by rules and circumstance, racial and sexual inequality, outsiders and their place in the system experiencing daily aggressions of racism, insecurity and feebleness of a daily routine, a place of belonging, Caravaggio, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, The Barok, Maritime History, Anchors, The amalgamation of these distinct subjects results in generous coats with the signature sleeves, ingenious closure systems and a rich colour palette referring to the paintings of the Barok.The anchors have been worked into closures used across the coats, trousers and hoodies. The anchor, although a maritime symbol, in this case it represents the mother figure in the family.