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Mai-Gidah is typified by the modern but very personal nature of the designs. Each collection reflects some stage of the designer's personal path through life. The goal is to find an equilibrium between the contemporary and the classic. 
Innovative and experimental patterns are developed for each individual piece. Although the garments may appear simple the actual construction is the result of a long process. Bold cuts, juxtaposed fabrics and refinement through elegant detail are recurring themes in the collections.

The integration of all these elements are at the heart of Mai-Gidah: a label dedicated to Innovation, Research, Craftsmanship and Experiment.

About Mai Gidah

Mai-Gidah is the Amsterdam-based brands by Ali Abdul-rahim.

Launched after Ali graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Benefitting from the famed Belgian Fashion Education.
The knowledge and techniques gained while studying in Belgium are complemented by the way he blends the emotions and memories carried with him since his childhood into his collections. Ali’s experience of growing up in Accra, Ghana with his sister who presided over a small sewing-atelier, and later in Belgium studying and working in a theatre-costume atelier are still reflected in dramatic cuts and the play with textures and colours used in the designs. 

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